A Good Sap Run, part deux

We went back up to the sugarhouse today, to see what was happening.  It's been much warmer this week, and it almost hit 70 today (but still froze a bit last night) so we though it might have been a good week...and we were right!  According to Meghan they're "closing in on 7500 gallons" -- not a banner year (yet) but not too shabby.

Meghan runs the rig


The sugarbush is pretty amazing in weather like this -- still plenty of snow on the ground, but melting fast (mud!).  Here's the same spot I showed you a couple of weeks ago (being thawed out):

Snow is melting fast!

We found a tap that somehow had not been plugged in to a line (when you're setting 25,000 taps in a week or so, you make a few mistakes.)  The very short video below shows what a sap run looks like at a "micro" level.

As we came back down to the sugarhouse, here's what it looked like:  a pretty sight, mud and all...the steam coming out the top is what it's all about!

The sugarhouse in late Spring, at full boil.

-- Bill Clark


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