Hidden Springs Maple Farm Store is Open! (updated with pictures)

We held our “grand opening” celebration yesterday, with food, drink and music for all.  The Governor of Vermont — Peter Shumlin, who grew up in Putney and is an old friend of the family — attended and spoke on the bright future of Vermont, especially in light of increased interest in where our food comes from, and how it’s produced.  The Brattleboro Reformer has an article (excellent photograph, questionable text) that you can view here (note that the Reformer only keeps stories online for a few weeks, so this link may be stale by the time you get to it.)

All in all it was a good party, well-attended by the local community and a lot of fun.  Pictures were taken, but not by me; when I get some good ones I’ll add to this post see below for a sample.

The party was catered by Terri Ziter of A Vermont Table; food was excellent, and in particular Terri baked some maple-butter cookies (in maple-leaf shape) that were outstanding.  Terri has promised to share the recipe, and when she does I will post it here.

And I should mention the music:  the Stockwell Brothers — an excellent bluegrass (?) band from Putney — put on a great show.

Update:  As promised, here are some pictures (click on the picture for a larger image — and apologies in advance for the chaotic layout):

The view from Westminster Road -- we're open!

The Farm Store is in a re-built barn

It's pretty spectacular inside

Lots of syrup (well, duh)

The Tasting Table will be a regular feature (and was really popular with the kids)

As well as a selection of other local products and crafts

And a place to sit

We did a fair amount of business on opening day

The Tasting Table was popular!

The Shipping Room was taken over for food service

We had quite the party that evening

The band was excellent

And the Governor said a few words



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