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Xmas Tree Expedition

Yesterday Catherine and I had resolved to go walking into the sugarbush and cut a small spruce tree for the holiday. Then Felicity called and invited us to join her and Fraser on a rather more ambitious tree-finding expedition. So a small walk with the dogs turned into one of those magic family outings: four adults, two kids and three dogs.
We met at the Hidden Springs “pump house” (where sap from the HSM sugarbush is collected and concentrated...

Baking with Maple Syrup and a Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Since I married into the Cooper-Ellis family (Catherine and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last May, and the birth of our first grandchild last month!) I’ve been one of those immensely fortunate people who has more than enough  maple syrup.  I have used this wealth in all the usual ways – Catherine’s Swedish Pancakes with fruit, yogurt and some warm Fancy are a particular favorite.  But I’ve long enjoyed cooking, and I’ve found that maple syrup...

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If you order after December 10th, we can still ship priority mail and have your order arrive by Christmas, but free shipping will not apply.

December morning walk in the sugarbush

Beautiful morning, but chilly (26F.) Just a skim coat of ice in the puddles, nothing on the pond.

The dogs and I set out for a long-ish walk (about 2 miles) through the sugarbush.  I knew it was long enough because, at the end, even Sadie (the young yellow Lab) was just walking — not running ahead or begging me to throw a stick.


Grade B is Back!

Go ahead and place your orders our Premium Grade B. We have quarts and pints of our Premium Grade B back in stock.

Sold out of Grade B

Within less than a month of bottling up our Grade B quarts and Grade B pints, we have sold out! We’re getting ready to bottle more, so come back and visit us in December.

We knew our Premium Grade B would be popular, but didn’t realize just how popular. Thank you to our customers for your enthusiasm for our Premium Grade B! If you’d like to order some now, give us a call at 1-888-889-8781 and we’ll ship it to you in a couple of weeks.

Grade B is here!

Due to popular demand, we are now offering Premium Grade B on our website.  Our Premium Grade B is a late-season product with the strongest flavor of all the grades we offer. It is prized by maple syrup lovers at the table and for cooking. Enjoy!

Fancy Pints are Back!

We’ve just bottled up a whole batch of Fancy pints. Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in this product. We even took a few orders from customers who phoned in and wanted Fancy pints as soon as we had bottled more. Now, everyone can order Fancy pints again on this website. Enjoy!


Florida wins for the state with the most syrup orders in September. We’ll have to wait and see which state wins in October. Lots of orders coming from California so far.

Fancy Pints

Our Fancy grade was so popular this season that we have run out of pints of Fancy. We expect to have more bottled soon and back on our website for sale.

When I asked one customer what was so special about our Fancy grade, he put it quite simply. He cannot find it anywhere else at this price or this quality. Our quantity discounts have also been popular and we’ve been selling cases of 6 pints and 6 quarts like crazy. We’ll have more Fancy pints...