Hidden Springs Maple

5 Gallon Pail Conventional Maple Syrup

Five Gallon containers (56 pounds each) of our 100% pure Maple Syrup with generic white label. Offered in a quarter-pallet (6 units), half-pallet (12 units) at 2.5% discount and full pallet (24 units) at 5% discount. Available in Amber Rich and Dark Robust Grades. See our About Our Syrup page for more information on syrup grading standards. Kosher certified. For smaller quantities, take a look at our Case of 4 Gallons.

5 Gallon Pail Conventional Maple Syrup

Product Details

UPC Information

Grade Unit
Amber Rich 30656874083
Dark Robust 30656874090

Dimensions (inches):  11 X11 X 15

Unit Weight: 56.5 lbs