Where would we be without our loyal customers? Here are just a few quotes from some of our wonderful customers.

"I received your shipment today and must let you know, I absolutely LOVE the syrups. Nicely labeled and the bottles are so functional and adorable! The bottle size is perfect. Alot of the maple syrup favors I looked into are quite small, cheaply made, and overpriced so I really love these. I have a line of friends that will be getting married soon and I will definitely recommend you for favors :) Thank you so much!!"

— Chie Yanagihara

"I have a bottle of your fancy white label syrup ordered from Amazon. This is the first time in YEARS AND YEARS that I have found a maple syrup that tastes like pure maple syrup should taste to me! Most (even "fancy") tastes smokey to me and while I know some love that and even I appreciate it with certain products, this completely destroys the pure flavor of the MAPLE syrups that I love. Your product has even convinced other members of my family (who felt very strongly otherwise) that "the real thing" really can be THE BEST THING. THANK YOU for producing and bringing to market what is for me, the very best maple syrup I've had in so long. I love it. THANK YOU!"

— Ben

"Great syrup, great service . I am very pleased how easy it was for me to order and send to South Dakota. Thanks again See you at Christmas"

— Nancy H

"We just wanted to let you know, that we flavour our weekend breakfast with your tasty maple syrup - especially yogurts and Swiss Müesli! My wife also uses it for salad dressings and all other kinds of meals. All the best from Basel, Switzerland"

— Lukas in Basel, Switzerland

"WOW! You guys are great. You put my interest ahead of your own. This is our second year as a customer, and it will certainly not be our last."

— Tom Fontana, Munroe Falls, Ohio