October 2011

October snow

Even in Vermont, ground-covering snowfall in October is a rare event; we were unpleasantly surprised last Friday when we got 2-3 inches overnight and had to spend some time clearing off the car in the morning.  But that was all gone by that afternoon.

But now this:  at least a foot of wet snow overnight.

All this rainy, rainy summer I’ve been wondering if this trend will continue into the winter.   Let’s hope not.

The good news:  the maples pretty...

Hidden Springs Maple Farm Store — Open House November 25th!

The Hidden Springs Maple Farm Store is almost ready to open.  On November 25th (“Black Friday”, the day after Thanksgiving) we will be hosting an Open House and Reception at the Farm Store in Putney.  Here is the flyer that we’ve come up with; we’ll be printing these and posting them around town shortly (click on the image for a larger view):