December 2011

Hidden Springs Maple in the Headlines Again

Today’s Brattleboro Reformer article describes the surge in Hidden Springs’ business due to the promotion we participated in on Monday:

As the article points out, we’re reaching a new, wider base of customers who may not have tried maple syrup before.  We think our maple syrup is too good not to share, but we’re determined to maintain our reputation...


At midnight on Sunday, a website called DealChicken, that sells discount coupons for products and services, posted a promotion of our maple syrup.

By sunrise Monday, we  watched as the usual trickle of orders turned to a steady and rising river threatening to overflow its banks.  We swung into high gear, mounting our response in the shipping and canning rooms.  We had not anticipated just how much demand for maple syrup there is when the price is...

Vermont is #1?

According to United Health Foundation, Vermont is the healthiest state in the Union.

We’re also #1 in US maple syrup production.

Covariance is not causality.  Still, not bad.

We live in a pretty cool State

I don’t want to get into a big political discussion about whether government is too big, too small or whatever…but if you want to see a pretty good example of a State government that does a lot of things well, come visit us.

As you may know, Vermont was hit hard by Hurricane Irene — something like 500 miles of roadways, particularly the many mountain roads that follow rivers and streams — were severely damaged.  Yet today, only a small stretch of...