At midnight on Sunday, a website called DealChicken, that sells discount coupons for products and services, posted a promotion of our maple syrup.

By sunrise Monday, we  watched as the usual trickle of orders turned to a steady and rising river threatening to overflow its banks.  We swung into high gear, mounting our response in the shipping and canning rooms.  We had not anticipated just how much demand for maple syrup there is when the price is right!

We are working very hard to keep up with our new success.  The entire Cooper-Ellis family has pitched in, as well as our wonderful team of full-time and seasonal workers.

As word quickly gets around our small town, local farmers are showing up at the barn offering to help.   Farming friends are lending their experienced workers.  The people at the post office are making extra deliveries and accommodations for the deluge of packages.  Neighboring sugar-makers are filling our barn with barrels of syrup.  They’re also bringing us the boxes, jugs and bubble wrap we need to keep up with canning and shipping, as well as helping us figure out how to meet the challenges that our sudden success has presented.

We are excited, exhausted, and grateful for the support of our community.


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