October 2012

Here’s what is happening in our Farm Store

Autumn in Vermont is intense—the leaves do their spectacular thing every year on cue (did you know that the cue is the relative length of the days and nights, and that the red, yellow and orange colors show up only when the leaves stop producing green chlorophyll, just before they fall?) We love talking to the visitors from all over the country and around the world brought through our doors by fall foliage season (a troupe of Polish puppeteers...

Hidden Springs Maple exhibits at Natural Foods Expo East

Here we are exhibiting at the Natural Foods Expo East in Baltimore, MD in September. Hidden Springs Maple was among four maple producers and retailers to exhibit .

There was a lot of interest in our syrup from buyers world-wide.  From gluten-free commercial bakers to restaurants to Japanese importers, we were busy educating customers about how syrup is made and how the flavors and colors vary.

We’re proud of our new organic certification and this...