February 2012

Tapping out

It’s been a strange winter in Vermont; not much snow, or cold for that matter.  (Given how much snow we got last winter, it’s not entirely unwelcome!)

So pretty soon we’ll be finding out what effect this (the weather) will be having on the sugaring season:  Fraser and his crew started tapping out on Monday.

With 25,000 taps, more or less, to drill, set and connect (to the tubing) this process typically takes 2-3 weeks to complete.  But the boiling...

What’s Up in the Store?

We are new to the retail business, and we’re finding out how to create a satisfying store.  We weren’t sure what to expect after the Christmas-New Years season, since this is our first year.  Sure enough, the darkest post-holiday days of early January were pretty quiet, which was a good thing, so we could regroup.

Lately, though, we have a steadily growing stream of customers coming through the doors.  We’re finding out who our neighbors are...