Hidden Springs Maple in the Headlines Again

Today’s Brattleboro Reformer article describes the surge in Hidden Springs’ business due to the Dealchicken.com promotion we participated in on Monday:   http://www.reformer.com/ci_19613077?IADID=Search-www.reformer.com-www.reformer.com

As the article points out, we’re reaching a new, wider base of customers who may not have tried maple syrup before.  We think our maple syrup is too good not to share, but we’re determined to maintain our reputation for consistently wonderful syrup and great customer service.

Like many other, larger retailers, we’ve learned that it’s difficult to predict how much demand there will be for our products.  When we found out how huge a taste there is for maple syrup, we were fortunate to have a lot of our neighbors pitch in and help us out.  Southern Vermont is a small community that knows how to come together when there is a need.

The Dealchicken deal has launched us to a new level, for sure, and we are learning fast how to meet new challenges.  We are meeting our goals for growing the business, and we will keep the sweets coming to our customers’ tables.


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