Sugarhouse is cranking!

Stopped by the sugarhouse last evening (I brought Fra and his “crew” an apple pie I’d baked with some of the last of last year’s Grade B syrup.)  They are really hitting their stride — they capped their 77th barrel while I was there, which comes out to just over 2,900 gallons made so far this year (which means they’ve gathered over 116,000 gallons of sap!.)  The weather forecast for the next week looks pretty good, too:  warm days, below freezing nights.  High season.

Before each 38-gal barrel is sealed, Fra takes a sample and places it in the window. (First row is right to left, next is left to right.)

Of course, it’s high mud season, too:  even with my 4WD Forester, I had to park on the town road and walk in.  Fraser is just barely able to get his truck in and out in 4WD low range.  Since we want to accommodate requests for sugarhouse tours, we may have to do something about that road next year.

The sugarhouse approach road in mud season



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